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48 Best Beaches in Florida in 2021 (Updated)

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Best Beaches in Florida

Best Beaches in Florida in 2021

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches. Discover some of the best beaches in Florida has to offer on your next family trip with these unique destinations. Pick from small secluded islandslakes, quiet Florida beach towns, and city getaways near famous museums or attractions that are perfect walking distance from a great restaurant or two so you can explore more after relaxing in the sun all day! 

Play in the water at any time of year – it’s warm enough even when there might be snow back home- as well as building sandcastles and having fun with kids while they enjoy their first summer vacation away from school. There is so much to enjoy in Florida! You can’t go wrong with OrlandoGulf Coast, and Miami beaches

You’ll find all types of beaches in Florida, from activity-filled boardwalks to secluded parks with diverse plant and animal life. We’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Florida so that you can explore its sun-splashed coast!

Destin Beach

Destin is one of Florida’s most beautiful destinations, and it offers travelers a much more laid-back atmosphere than some other popular beach towns. Destin beaches are great for families with children because the water here is usually calmer than in many areas along the Gulf Coast. 

The sand isn’t as soft or white as what you’ll find at some places like Panama City Beach. Still, there will always be something to do if you’re not interested in laying out on your blanket all day long- from catching an animal sighting to playing volleyball or going fishing during low tide!

Destin now attracts people from all over America to enjoy their white beaches made up of pure Appalachian quartz each summer for an intimate experience unlike anywhere else on earth! Since the beaches of southern Florida are lined with white sand, it stays cool in the heat. The sunlight reflects off this unique material and creates an emerald tint on top of a green sea. 

Golfers can traverse seaside bunkers while kids splash around at water parks for more adventurous visitors to snorkel and scuba dive from their coast or charter boats out into deep waters looking for fish that might be biting. After all, casting lines has been an integral part of this peninsular paradise’s conception!

Siesta Beach

Siesta Beach is located on the eight-mile barrier island, Siesta Key, which lies off Florida’s Gulf Coast. Consistently ranked one of the top white sand beaches in Florida (and the United States) with its fine quartz sand that stays cool under powerful sun rays, it has a reputation as a paradise for beachgoers who revel in this magical place full of wonder and awe.

The water is so clear, and the sandy beaches are breathtaking. There’s plenty of entertainment, shops to explore, and beautiful restaurants where you can try fresh seafood for dinner or indulge in a slice of pie at any hour!

From boating to parasailing, from fishing and snorkeling to scuba diving, the barrier island off Florida’s Treasure Coast has endless watersports for visitors. Once you’ve had your fill of all those water-based activities, there’s plenty more waiting in this beach paradise; lively nightlife with people partying until sunrise.

South Beach, Miami

Miami Beach is a popular tourist destination because of the best beautiful beaches in Florida, abundant water sports opportunities, and lively nightlife. Visitors will find themselves surrounded by clubs just steps from their hotel doors. 

In some cases-the streets are lined with people after dark. The restaurants here offer cuisine that ranges from Hawaiian to Latin American flavors and traditional tastes like burgers and pizza and Brazilian street food such as acreage (a deep-fried ball filled with cassava leaves).

South Beach is more than just a beach; it’s one of Miami’s most vibrant art districts. This area features over 2 miles of walkable space. It spans an entire city block where visitors can explore numerous restaurants and things to do, such as live performances at local theaters or stroll along Washington Avenue with its impressive collection of Art Deco architecture.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful places to explore in America. It’s home to hundreds of dazzling coral reefs and seagrass beds, which were once some heaven for sea turtles and dolphins alike. 

The safety net around this treasure trove ensures that not only will your day out be safe but also a worthwhile experience with opportunities galore for sightseeing or getting up close with nature on its best side!

Visit Fort Zachary, a historical landmark that was used in both the Civil and Spanish-American wars. Stay for lunch at Cayo Hueso Cafe before heading to your picnic spot with grills, or make it yourself! In the evening, you can watch spectacular sunsets from whichever location suits you best – whether it’s on top of a mountainside overlooking beaches and ocean waves or under palm trees next to rivers.

Bahia Honda Beach

On your next trip to Florida, set aside some time for Bahia Honda State Park, where you will have the opportunity to experience an authentic feel of nature. Whether it’s on land or in water, this park offers everything from hiking trails and bird watching towers to snorkeling with sea life up close!

The three best beaches in the area are all blessed with brilliantly white sands and crystal clear waters. These perfect conditions make them an excellent destination for swimmers or snorkelers.

Home to a differing range of wildlife, it is the birdwatcher’s paradise. It’s also known for its natural delights like dolphins and sea turtles that can be spotted offshore from time to time. One of its most splendid sights – other than these things already mentioned- lies in an old disused railroad bridge on one side of the island that juts out into sight.

Painting a picture with the most vibrant colors, Bahia Honda beach is an enchanting destination for all those looking to escape their hectic lives. With crystal clear water and some of the best beaches in the Florida Keys, this place will make you forget about your worries as it takes over every inch of your senses until there’s nothing left but pure bliss.

Caladesi Island State

Visitors to this untouched, 3.5-mile island feel like they’re on a giant sand bar reserved exclusively for them! The beach dazzles with pristine environs—vast stretches of radiantly white sands, cerulean waters, and beautiful seashells, among many other things that are sure to impress you. 

Access the island by ferry from nearby Honeymoon Island State Park or enter via neighboring Clearwater Beach from the south (a major hurricane in 1985 dredged up enough sand so it could now connect Caladesi down). Those who want more adventure can kayak their way there, too – renting equipment from local outfitters on Honeymoon Island is an option!

Sanibel Island

The small, secluded Sanibel Island is a world away from the bustling Gulf Coast. While Fort Myers offers some low-key attractions for visitors seeking peace (such as The Edison), it’s nothing compared to its laid-back sister island off the coast of Florida – Sanibel Island

This quaint little place has become famous in recent years thanks to its seashells which cover every surface on this sandy locale like Louboutins at an awards ceremony!

On the island of Sanibel, there is an abundance and variety of seashells that can be found in any nook or cranny. Visitors are greeted with shells everywhere they turn- including on every surface imaginable, from floors to walls. 

The streets themselves are lined with shops containing a vast array of shell crafts such as jewelry, sand art stations for kids (and adults!), and even polished specimens just laying out front, ready for purchase! It’s hard not to find something made by man but inspired by nature here!

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is a Florida beach with an infinite number of activities to offer. The serene blue waters and white sand beaches are perfect for relaxing. At the same time, the surrounding area provides entertainment, from music performances on the streets to deep-sea fishing in bayou-filled backyards. 

This lively coastal city attracts visitors because it combines amusement park attractions like boating or jet skiing and more wholesome outdoor pursuits. Such as scuba diving or walking barefoot through soft sands that go up to your knees when you walk too far; out into them!

The Clearwater Jazz Festival is one of the most popular events in town, and it’s a great way to experience all different types of music. From folk songs from around the world to jazz tunes played by some fantastic artists like Wynton Marsalis or Diana Ross, you’re sure to find something that will please your ears! 

For those with kids who are interested in animals, there’s also Winter – she lost her tail when she was little but now gets lots of visitors so that they can see how well-adjusted she seems given what happened.

Sarasota: Best beaches in Florida

The Gulf Coast is a famous tourist destination with many beaches. Sarasota’s Siesta Key beach provides miles of white sand and clear water, as well as exciting activities to keep kids happy too! Just south of Tampa on the Florida coast, in this lively town, you can find another excellent choice for your family vacation, Clearwater Beach.

Florida is a state for lovers, natives, and tourists alike. Have you ever wondered what Florida has to offer? Bring your family on an adventure through Sarasota Bay with the manatees and dolphins! Spend some time in Siesta Key, where sandcastles galore at The Crystal Classic, or charter a fishing boat if that’s more of their speed. 

Then make sure they experience as much underwater as above it by snorkeling or going down south to see Ringling Museum of Art – because why not?! There’s even something here for all ages, so don’t hesitate any longer before planning this trip today!

Beaches around Naples

The breathtaking scenery of Naples’ beachfront offers visitors a stunning escape from reality with its glistening water and soft-sanded shores that stretch out in front of them to infinity. At the same time, those who have lived here can attest to watching dolphins play offshore or children building castles at sunset every night!

You can take a leisurely walk from downtown Naples to the beautiful and seemingly endless stretch of soft sand. If you’re here for the first time or want an easy outing, head over to The Historic Naples Pier, where there are plenty of patches of sand waiting for visitors. On certain days like Saturdays when it’s volleyball season, you may even be able to join in on a game!

Parks are great because they have facilities to keep you comfortable while outdoors, and it’s nice to be able to spend time with nature. Many parks nearby offer various things for visitors, like Lowdermilk Park, which has a theater where live concerts can occur, or Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which is surrounded by lush forests.

Naples is an excellent destination for winter beach vacations. The area has plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, giving you the chance to find your perfect location. 

Grayton Beach State Park, South Walton

Located on the breathtaking Emerald CoastGrayton Beach State Park is Florida’s largest and most beautiful. Stroll miles upon acres of untouched beaches with waves crashing against the shoreline or spend a day fishing in nature-filled waters where you might see green sea turtles digging their nests. Wildlife thrives here, including birds that visitors to this majestic place have spotted!

Scuba divers will want to check out the Underwater Museum of Art, a mesmerizing sight that blends nature with human creativity. Sculptural works from artists worldwide are displayed inside an underwater garden just offshore and attract marine life, which eventually transforms into living reefs because pieces become overgrown by algae or other organisms.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

The best way to describe the City of Fort Lauderdale is that it’s “The Venice of America.” With its canals and tropical scenery, a visit here will feel like you’re in Italy. However, while there are plenty of waterways for boating or fishing if one desires (or needs), visitors come primarily for what lies on the other side: an endless stretch beach with gorgeous sunsets over crashing waves below.

In many ways, the white sand beaches of Miami Beach look very similar to that of its famous neighbor. There are plenty of hotels and tourist attractions in this area, with a laidback vibe perfect for visitors looking for an exciting nightlife experience.

Fort Lauderdale Beach is one of the most popular spots to visit on a Florida vacation. After you’re done lounging in your beach chair, there are plenty more activities for visitors of all interests and skill levels. Whether it’s snorkeling or jet skiing that piques your interest, Fort Lauderdale has something to offer everyone!

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne

This mile-long beach on the southern tip of Key Biscayne regularly receives accolades as one of the top beaches in Florida, and it’s not hard to see why. 

The peaceful shores with light waves are perfect for relaxed days at the beach. But there is also an extensive network of biking/walking trails that open up incredible views from Miami’s skyline worth exploring if you stop by Cape Florida Lighthouse (Florida’s oldest). Keep your eyes peeled for historic Stiltsville homes floating near shore – a sight only seen here!

St. Pete Beach

When looking for a destination with both the city and beaches, it is hard to beat The Sunshine City. St. Pete Beach allows visitors to enjoy long stretches of beach or explore its urban side without feeling disconnected from either environment thanks to their world-record streak of sunshine days! 

While in town, be sure not to miss Shell Key Preserve, where you can spend time on beautiful white-sand shores while also enjoying activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, and kiteboarding – all within one day’s visit!

Santa Rosa Beach

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is an idyllic vacation destination for those who love to relax and lounge on the beach. Its serene waters are azure blue with quartz-crystal sand that still retains its golden hue even after being battered by hurricanes. 

Santa Rosa offers a range of activities from sunbathing to biking as nearby Topsail Hill Preserve State Park has plenty more natural beauty, including hiking trails filled with wildlife and 3 miles of pristine white sandy beaches just waiting for exploration!

Mexico Beach

Mexico Beach is one of the most famous Florida beach towns where you will find a small-town vibe without any resorts or condos. This means that, unlike beaches near Panama City, there are miles and miles of sand with an uninterrupted view of the ocean because buildings do not block it. You can also go barefoot like everyone else in Mexico Beach!

The perfect, calming water is the ultimate vacation destination for those who want to have some fun. With plenty of activities such as scuba diving and boat rides available, it’s no wonder that this place has become popular with families! 

The sunsets are also spectacular so find yourself a comfortable chair next to an ocean view before waiting for one more scene – the famous green flash on clear evenings.

If you’re looking for an escape filled with good food, company, and entertainment, there are plenty of nearby options. Whether it is a long weekend getaway in the Pacific Northwest or our east coast, close to home on the Atlantic Ocean’s shoreline, or near one of our country’s most beautiful lakes- people find lots of fun things to do!

Fort DeSoto

The naturalist’s favorite Fort DeSoto State Park offers an exceptional stretch of beach, preserved as a county park for all to enjoy. The beautiful 1,100-acre area consists of five keys (islands) and is home to white-sand beaches and ecological gems, including delicate mangrove swamps.

The beaches of this national park are a nesting ground for loggerhead turtles during the months from April to September, and it is home to more than 300 species of birds.

There are many reasons to visit the park in your area, but there is a specific reason why this place will quickly become one of your favorite. The beach offers amenities, including lifeguards and restrooms, while also having miles of walking trails, two fishing piers, and a historic fort!

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach offers visitors a chance to experience both the bustling and tranquil side of beach life. Along with hotel-lined stretches of sand, there are also remote spots away from crowds that offer beautiful sunsets over the Gulf. The Pensacola Pier is the perfect place to watch dolphins play under blue water or take in breathtaking vistas as night falls on this scenic town.

Whether you want a day on the beach or time in an open-air bar, Pensacola Beach has just what you’re looking for. Head to Pensacola’s Boardwalk and find shops waiting for your shopping needs as well as restaurants serving up some of Florida’s best food! 

If that doesn’t sound like something worth checking out, head over to Gulf Islands National Seashore, where sugar-white sand awaits you at its most secluded destination yet!

Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is a hidden gem, just steps from the hustle and bustle of Sanibel Island. Nestled against the west coast of this Florida Gulf Coast resort town, it offers an escape to nature compared to so many other developed beaches on its east side.

This is a place where you can get away from it all and not worry about hotels. The best way to enjoy this area’s incredible scenery is by hiking some of the pristine nature parks nearby.

Stroll along the beautiful beaches of Sanibel as you watch families and birdwatchers enjoy this fantastic island. With a charming downtown area, there’s always something to do for those with an adventurous spirit!

Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter Island

Explorers rejoice; the Jupiter Nature Conservancy Preserve is a sight for sore eyes. The beach may not be swimmable, and there’s no sun to bask in, but you can undoubtedly enjoy walking on their mile-long stretch of shoreline. 

If that sounds like your idea of a perfect day at the coast, then this preserve is ideal for you! Along with strolling along miles worth of sand or exploring inland trails through subtropical forests, opportunities are plenty here if it’s relaxation your looking for. 

For those who fancy more action than nature—don’t fret–because water plumes reaching as high as 50 feet will undoubtedly catch any adventure seeker’s eye when they happen by (which we all know eventually happens).

Marco Island

The pristine shores of Marco Island are a perfect getaway for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle. Tigertail Beach Park is an ideal location for nature lovers where you can find secluded beaches with white dunes or take long walks while searching for seashells. 

If spending time near the water is more your speed, then South Marco Beach offers plenty of space to enjoy sunbathing by day and swimming at night! The best part about coming here? You’re sure to experience mouthwatering seafood dishes that will make it hard not to indulge in every meal possible!

Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island State Park is a secluded getaway, perfect for nature lovers and those seeking privacy. Visitors will appreciate the idyllic scenery that includes both natural trails through lush vegetation and beautiful sandy beaches with tranquil waters.

Ideal for an itinerary filled with sunbathing, nature watching, and shell collecting. Nature lovers will rejoice at the 3-mile long natural trail that is home to osprey, bald eagles (that can be seen in flight), great horned owls; it’s a place where visitors are invited to get close up views of these winged creatures while they hunt or rest near their nests. 

Closeout your day by catching stunning sunset from one of many private beaches dotting this 4 mile stretch of paradise – Honeymoon Island offers something unforgettable on every corner!

Cedar Key: Best beaches in Florida

Cedar Key consists of enchanting tiny islands about three miles off the Florida coast. Many are uninhabited and make for a fabulous kayak destination where you can spend an entire day on deserted beaches. The biggest town is Cedar Key, located on Way Key, but it’s also home to artists who come from all over in April during their annual festival when 120 artisans gather to showcase their work!

The Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge is a haven for bird and wildlife lovers alike. Here, you can see rare white pelicans, majestic bald eagles, vibrantly pink roseate spoonbills – all of which make their nests on the islands during nesting season from late October to early March. 

The beaches are a beautiful place to relax; enjoy some fishing or boating with friends along with one of these pristine shores lined by gorgeous palm trees that provide shade in the midday heat while also protecting against hurricanes at night!


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